Wooden Dining Table 8 Seater

Wooden Dining Table 8 Seater is made of solid wood that is sturdy, long so it can be for 8 people to eat together… with chairs made of the same material. Then the finish is natural… make this dining table set looks natural and durable.

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Let us introduce one of the Bali wholesale Furniture that many people order with a custom design, wooden dining table 8 seater. This custom made furniture is quite long and looks sturdy because the top of the table is very sturdy. Made of solid wood, with natural finishing.

Likewise with its 8 seats, made of solid wood as well, with the same finish.

Wooden Dining table 8 Seater is for a Villa on seseh Beach. Guests can sit down to eat at the dining table of this set… enjoy the atmosphere of Bali is very beautiful, natural-looking, and chummy.

Bali Furniture made of wood completely like this, is very in demand, because Furniture from wood let alone using teak, can last very long, and looks classy. It is not easy to damage, and the handling is also simple.

We already provide wooden Furniture for a lot of villas, restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.

They are very happy to work with us because we have a lifetime warranty*… anytime after you purchase, your product has damage, then you can repair it free at our place.

We also have experienced builders there are 10 years, even up to 17 years with us.

Bali’s tropical climate, with many beaches, makes the atmosphere natural and close to nature as well as the necessary Furniture, most of the nuances are like that.

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*Warranty only for Bali Area

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