Poster Bed With Solid Wood and Rattan

This project of poster bed is from one of the luxurious villas in Bali and looks gorgeous and elegant. Even though the four-poster bed is classic, with good material and finishing it looks beautiful.

The nature side also comes from solid wood and rattan to beautify the bed. Many villas in Bali still use this kind of bed for newly married couples or honeymoons. You can make it in Bali at Best Buy.

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For this time, as one of the best Bali Furniture manufacturers in Bali, we present one of the products that many people are looking for, namely Poster Bed With Solid Wood and Rattan.

A poster bed or often also called a four-poster bed, because the bed has a four-poster or “pole” with a curtain on each side.

Room within a room, usually to protect from insects, but later on evolved into symbols of romance, fertility, status, exclusivity, and privacy

This Poster bed is made of solid wood combined with rattan

Four-poster bed sets are classic bedroom staples that have been around for centuries.

Poster beds like this are originally from China, but at our place Poster Beds With Solid Wood and Rattan as you can see in the picture above, can be ordered using custom designs and quality teak wood. Our team will help realize your poster bed with the design, specifications and quality you want.

There are many villas in Bali that use this kind of bed, for couples’ weddings and honeymoons. yes, you can make this bespoke Furniture in Bali Best Buy.

We have more than 17 years of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry. Both for the local market and the global market through exports.

Likewise, the Bali Best Buy work team has experience and are people who are committed to producing quality, classy and best furniture. And one of them is like this Poster Bed With Solid Wood and Rattan.

With factory locations in Bali and Jepara, we have handled many projects for all furniture needs, both for villas, cafes, offices, private homes and hotels.

Four Poster Bed is a product that is currently widely used in various places such as villas and private homes both in Bali.

See our other products: Four Poster Bed with Long Ottoman.

So for those of you who are interested in producing furniture such as Poster Bed With Solid Wood and Rattan. Just contact our team.

We are always ready to serve you with hospitality and the best creative design ideas. And one thing that is the main thing is the quality of the wood which is also the main thing for us to pay attention to in producing furniture.



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