Diamond Stools

Diamond stools are short chairs, which are usually near the sofa, because its function is to put the legs, the shape is unique like diamond. Then the frame or legs are made of black iron. You can order this chair from Bali Best Buy.

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Why is there a word diamond in the word: Diamond Stools?

Because it looks like a diamond. In the wooden part you can see, how the bottom is conical, then the top is wide, well this is why it is called diamond stools.

The word stools itself is a chair that was intended as a sofa seat, to put feet on the sofa. The Shape of a stool can be round, and can also be square. The height is also not too high, even a little short, because of its designation as a sofa seat.

But with the development of the era, stool from short, turned into high, there is even a bar stool, which is used as a chair in the bar. For this diamond stool that you see, it can be used as a lounge chair, even a chair placed in the office for meetings or additional chairs if needed.

Modern chair, stool, perfect for office / home or villa, or even your bar and restaurant, our Bali Best Buy is ready to make it custom for you.

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