Classic White Wardrobe

Classic white wardrobe you will like, Why? because it looks very smooth, soft, and classic. Maybe even some people do not think that this wardrobe is made of wood.

By using plywood, this wardrobe can be made quickly, then finished using white duco, so the result becomes luxurious, elegant, and natural because it is made from wood.

The price is also more affordable than using solid wood such as teakwood, sungkai, etc.

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This is one of the Bali furniture that you can order by custom made order. Commonly referred to as Classic white wardrobe. This wardrobe is made of plywood with white duco finishing used in a clinic. The existing drawers can be used to put clothes or other items.

The look from the front looks very classic, luxurious, and elegant.

Especially by using duco, it has experienced several times the process of painting, sanding, putty, etc.
So the result becomes very elegant.

Plywood is widely used because the material is abundant, not easily curved or cracked like using solid wood. And the investment is certainly more affordable than solid wood. in appearance somewhat disguised because with Duco paint often people do not think that the Furniture is made of wood, so smooth.

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