Wooden Walk In Closet

The Wooden Walk-in Closet you see consists of several cabinets, cabinets, with many more, to put clothes, accessories, shoes, and other appearance items.

Made with Plywood with Sungkai rustic veneer so that the uniqueness of Sungkai wood grain, looks natural and luxurious.

The doors and floors are made of wood, making the atmosphere natural and traditional but still look elegant.

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Wooden Walk-in Closet is a long and large closet or room whose function is to put a variety of clothes, and accessories supporting appearance.

Usually, this furniture consists of several cabinets, and shelves,  customize according to the wishes of the owner. The shape and size of these cabinets are different from those purchased so.

Of course, Walk-in Closet like this is not too often seen in ordinary homes. Because it requires a large enough room. Unlike the usual wardrobe, Walk-in Closet like in this picture looks long and needs a lot of space.

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There you can put shoes, bags, clothes, and other accessories. Its function is to make it easier for you, when you want to dress up, you can find everything in one room.

Wooden Walk In Closet is made of Plywood with Sungkai rustic veneer so that the fibers of the typical Sungkai wood are still clearly visible… looks natural and eco-friendly. Fancy? of course, not every family usually has a walk-in closet like this.

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