Bar Stool Chair Wooden

Bar Stool Chair Wooden is a high chair, stool shape, there is a box or round, with a plush cushion, and the wood is colored black, shiny so it looks magnificent. Visitors to the bar can sit for a long time without feeling tired because the chairs are very beautiful and luxurious.

Add a glass of whiskey and a snack at the bar accompanied by some cool music. 🙂

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Bar Stool wooden chair is a bar stool that is also often called a bar stool, the shape can be square or round. It looks like a bench. This stool bar seat already has a back or backrest.

Solid wood is made of solid wood finishing with black color, so security is very beautiful.

The Cushion uses good blue material, soft, so you can sit for hours and not feel, the height of this chair is adjusted to most guests at the bar. If the people are tall then the size is made higher.

This kind of bar stool is shaped like a swan neck, the color is a black-blue combination, so it looks beautiful. You can have a unique chair like this by making it custom at Bali Best Buy.

Not just bars of course we have made for restaurants, hotels, resorts, and various places that require custom Furniture to pamper their clients. Where they require custom Balinese Furniture made from classy, luxurious, and unique wooden materials then we become the choice for many business owners.

This photo was taken in our office, where you can meet directly with the owner of Bali Best Buy or one of us. You can see in the picture that the floor was made of wood because we are so happy with the furniture made of wood, so our office is filled with Furniture made of wood and metal.

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