Arm Chair Rattan

This Rattan ArmChair is Made of synthetic rattan and solid wood. Many restaurants, villas, and hotels has bought seats like this because they are comfortable, environmentally friendly, and still seem modern. We even use this same chair in the Bali Best Buy office as an example and a seat for guests who come.

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Arm chair Rattan is a comfortable chair, which is used for relaxing, not too formal, but looks aesthetically pleasing. It looks modern, but at the same time, it still uses rattan in the middle. The rattan used is synthetic but very strong.

This Custom Furniture made by a combination of solid wood with rattan is a natural and environmentally friendly blend.

Because it uses synthetic rattan then this chair can be used outdoor as well. For example in the pool, in the garden, etc.

Many villas, restaurants, resorts, and even hotels book this type of chair. In our office, Bali Best Buy we have some lounge chairs with synthetic rattan as an example, and also for guests who come to the office. So we ourselves are fans of the products we make ourselves.

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