Wooden Shop Display Cabinets

Wooden Shop Display Cabinets these are Display Cabinets made of solid wood with a variety of wood options that you can decide on. We have many wood materials, whether sungkai, teak, laminated rubberwood, and more.

Finishing with a natural look, so the wood color looks elegant, on the shelf, which is white using a duco finish, so it does not look like wood and looks luxurious.

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Wooden Shop display Cabinets this time made of solid wood, to sell fragrance products, with small bottles, looks very fitting.

Natural finishing makes the wood brighter, patterns or wood fibers come to life, and the store becomes more natural and environmentally friendly.

The non-white part is plywood that is close to white duco, so it does not look like wood and looks very smooth and luxurious. That’s the advantage of duco finishing.

At the very top, there is a wide timber, it can be for the notice board, what is on the shelf.

Wooden shop display Cabinets this is an order from a linen store in Sanur Bali. This store ordered a lot of Furniture products in Bali Best Buy, and we are also ready to serve you.

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