Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Modern

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets modern gray with Plywood and duco finishing.

Wood material makes the House environmentally friendly, but with quality finishing and beautiful models then your kitchen looks luxurious.

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Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Modern is a custom furniture order for a private house in the Sanur area.

The gray color in accordance with the theme of this kitchen looks from the kitchen set at the top, and the cabinets at the bottom are also Gray. The combination of white walls and cooking stove looks classic and homey.

Flooring materials that use laminated rubber wood, look so nuanced wood and are environmentally friendly. Yes, you can design your home using a lot of wood but it still feels modern and luxurious. We can suggest the most fitting wood materials, with various finishes, and models that suit your wishes.

This wooden cabinet kitchen is made of Plywood with duco finishing in gray. Looks very elegant and smooth. Bali Furniture Today is increasing a lot of quality, due to the development of techniques, models, and equipment used to make Furniture.

every day, I see firsthand how the Furniture is done in our workshop. Working carpenters are really used to cutting, sanding, grinding, assembling, and getting to the finish with the desired model.

In the past, people smoothed wood still manually, with improvised tools, so when sanding, cutting, etc.

The materials used now are also more choices, there are HPL, there are duco, there are materials such as marble, teak veneer, and more, so the quality of Furniture is getting more smooth and luxurious. In fact, the wood used can be the same as the materials that were used.

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