Wooden Divider Cabinet

Wooden Divider Cabinet made of wood, looks good, because in addition to separating the room so that more privacy, also looks durable, and more natural. For lovers of furniture from wood, and wooden houses, then making Wooden Divider Cabinet will be their concern, compared to other materials.

Made of plywood + plywood teak (teak veneer) with natural finishing makes this room separator into the striking color of wood fibers, so beautiful and natural, typical of teak. No wonder the hotel that ordered this item has filled his hotel with many other Furniture from Bali Best Buy 🙂 Contact us for more info.

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We have produced many Bali furniture products with various designs. One of them is as you can see in the picture above. Known as a wooden divider cabinet.

There are many models of wooden divider cabinet, ranging from the materials used, the size of which is adjusted to the room to be separated.

If it is made of natural wood, it will look more natural and still be impressive and environmentally friendly, especially in use for villas/hotels/resorts like the one in the picture above.

The Wooden Divider Cabinet as in the picture above is one of our projects used in a three-star hotel room in Gili Trawangan, Lombok. With a holiday feel like Bali, even in Lombok it is more natural, so a lot of the furniture there is made of wood.

Done with full accuracy by our production team who has more than 17 years of experience. As one of the best Indonesia Furniture manufacturers in Bali, quality is certainly the main standard in our work.

Wooden Divider Cabinet uses plywood plus triple K teak (teak veneer) with natural finishing, so that the fibers of teak wood look beautiful, and the color of the wood is also really brown typical of teak.

The impression of this divider is not just separating the room but also as a decoration or luxury antique Furniture that makes both rooms more private.

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