Wooden Bench And Table

Wooden Bench and Table this time is made of solid wood according to choice, can also use plywood, with teak veneer, or sungkai veneer, so that the wood fibers are still clearly visible, then the legs use white iron, looks simple and remains elegant and strong.

Put these chairs and tables in your Home Garden, in the kitchen, or even for a place to relax and work. 🙂

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Wooden Bench and Table above is a table and chair with the top made of solid wood, then the legs use white painted metal.

There are many options, whether using solid wood, or laminated rubberwood.

The middle of the chair and table has a frame to strengthen the table and chair.

a simple wooden chair table like this is usually placed in the garden, or it can also be used as a relaxing table, work desk, or even an office desk. 🙂

With wood finishing natural, or looks shiny, then this wooden Bench and Table can last a long time and still look elegant.

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