Solid Wood Dining Table

Solid Wood Dining Table set in this picture consists of a dining chair, bar chair, and dining table. Made of Solid wood combined with black iron, it looks sturdy and also sweet because it uses black iron. We have made a lot of custom Furniture with these two materials. Variations can be various designs and shapes.

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Solid Wood Dining Table as the title suggests is made of solid wood combined with black iron. So it looks elegant and quality. The combination of black iron and solid wood is very frequent and has been used in a lot of Furniture made by Bali Best Buy.

Variations of black iron provide additional design, compared to using only full wood.

Black paint, because black color is neutral when combined with any color, especially with the natural color of the wood.

We have our own workshop for metal, so almost any custom Furniture ordered we can handle it.. even from the foundation to the roof, for villas or wooden buildings, we can do it until it is finished.

We have the tukangnya, expertise, experience, and equipment, materials, just the client.

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