Wooden Armed Dining Chairs, Square Dining Tables, and Benches

Wooden Armed Dining Chairs are dining chairs, with armrests, so that people can eat freely, and look more spacious, than those without arms.

Our clients also order Square Dining Tables and benches, all in wood with a natural, or rustic finish, depending on what you want.

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Wooden Armed Dining Chairs are dining chairs with armrests on both sides so that people can sit relaxed and put both hands on the backrest. It feels more comfortable when compared to a chair with no arms.

We have many options whether with armrests or without arms. Then the butt holder, or part of the holder, can be added as a comfortable cushion or left without padding. You can even use rattan or wicker so that the natural feel remains maximum.

Wooden Armed Dining Chairs, Square Dining Tables, and Benches are Furniture ordered by our clients, and usually, they also order other Furniture in the long run. Satisfied clients, will also recommend our services to their relatives, friends, and neighbors. Because we’ve been running since 17 years ago.

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