Dining Chairs With Solid Wood and Duco Finishing

Tables and chairs are the most frequently displayed whether on Instagram or on this Website. Because indeed this type of Furniture is most widely used, whether in homes, villas, hotels, bars, etc.

Most dining chairs and tablets that we make custom, using solid wood, and duco finishing. And even then solid wood used can vary greatly. We have made cabinets, beds, shelves, office desks, and various other wooden Furniture.

With so many models that can be made you will not run out of ideas to realize. We have thousands of examples for you to choose from.

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There are very many models of dining chairs, with a variety of materials and designs. Then the finishing will also distinguish the result. Each dining chair has its own uniqueness, just like the human person.

So are the two Dining chairs you see here… this is a project from Bali Best Buy made of solid wood, with duco finishing. The color of the duco used depends on the demand, and the result is a unique chair, looks luxurious and shiny, does not look like wood because the finishing is so smooth, although in fact the material is solid wood.

A variety of colors can be used, whether you want one that looks bright, glossy, doffs, or mate, all can be applied if done by an experienced expert. The work of Bali Best Buy has been used in various villas, resorts, and famous hotels in bali and they continue to use our services. Well now, let us serve you. 🙂

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