Wastafel Floating Table

Wastafel Floating Table or floating Table sink complete with a round mirror is a project made by Bali Best Buy for a villa in Bali. Solid Wood material with natural finishing, making this villa more natural and classy. Because Furniture is made in Bali Best Buy prioritizes quality and a good appearance.

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The Floating Table sink is a long wooden table where the sink bin is placed.

Made of thick Solid Wood, with a clearly visible texture, with a natural finish, so it really looks unique and environmentally friendly.

Then the round mirror is also made by Bali Best Buy, as a set placed above the sink for people to look in the mirror there.

This is our project at Morabito Villa.

Since 2017, we have been serving custom furniture from various villas in Bali. Because the demand for custom furniture from wood is very high, since then and even today. In fact, this trend seems to be continuing, even Bali is synonymous with wooden furniture, because of its green nature, with very beautiful beaches. People expect not to see modern furniture, with towering buildings, but rather things from nature, such as rattan, wood, and processed wood products.

Other products from Bali Best Buy can also be found on our Instagram @balibestbuy_furniture. For consultation feel free to drop us a DM or text us at our Whatsapp number. And also while you’re in Bali you can visit our workshop and our staff will help you.

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