The Grey Modular Sofas

This is a modular sofa that is in great demand because it is more flexible with the existing space, easy to move, and very comfortable to sit or even be able to rest on this type of sofa. You can determine for yourself, how many modules, the type of inner filling, outer coating, etc.

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Modular sofa much preferred because it is easier to move, lighter, and looks cool too.

Well, this project is a gray sofa modular order the number also exceeds the usual because of the large room. Our client is one of the famous villas in Bali.

In addition to being comfortable, and more flexible, the material can also be adjusted. Size, type, all custom, because indeed we are a Furniture company that provides Furniture according to your taste and needs. Until the density of the sofa can be adjusted. Foam material inside. Until the outer layer.

Do not hesitate to stop by to see the Furniture you want, contact us, and see also our other sofas products.

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