Sofa 1 Seater

1 Seater Sofa is a sofa with only 1 seat. For 1 person only.

Made of iron with white duco finishing & double cushion with both white colors, it looks classic and elegant. Custom Furniture ideas in pure white, or even all black can be very attractive. This 1 Seater Sofa is the order of a Villa in Berawa Beach, Canggu, Bali.

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Sofa 1 Seater is a type of sofa for seating 1 person only. Well of course you’ve seen L-shaped sofas, rounded sofas, and even curved sofas. But apparently, there is a sofa table that is only for 1 person only. It’s called a 1 Seater Sofa

Made of iron with white duco finishing and double cushion so that the color is white, with a cushion also white, neutral when combined with other Furniture or paint colors in the room.

Using neutral colors such as black or white is very good for custom Furniture.

Likewise, natural wood color also makes your room environmentally friendly and looks elegant.

In addition to producing custom Furniture from wood, we also have a special iron-metal workshop.

So you can one shop stop your Furniture needs at Bali Best Buy. Of course, with a more economical price because starting from wood, to metal, you can get it at Bali Best Buy.

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