Round Wooden Stool

Round Wooden Stool is a chair stool made of wood and round shape. The frame is made of wood, the wood material used can be adjusted to your choice, then the bottom usually uses HPL, with various patterns and colors. The outside of this stool is made of quality foam, and even synthetic leather, it can also be colorful, so it looks very unique.

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Round Wooden Stool in the picture above, is made of wood frame. Whether plywood, or solid wood, you can choose the best material, which we will then work into the frame of the stool, then the bottom of the stool, can use HPL patterned aluminum or other colors, and this stool on the outside is made of good fabric and foam or even can be made of synthetic leather.

Of course, you have the freedom to make wooden stools to your liking. I personally, the author of this article, had rarely heard of stool. A unique chair, with short legs, and no back to lean on.

This stool chair is usually placed near the sofa to put the foot on and is easily moved.

There is also a round Stool and there is a box. Both are much ordered, in accordance with the wishes of the client Bali Best Buy

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