Kitchen Island With Cabinets And Seating

Kitchen Island with Cabinets and Seating uses plywood, processed wood that is often used to make cabinets, and tables, and ending with sungkai rustic veneer and the result is a very natural and environmentally-friendly kitchen. This project is for a private villa. You can dress up your kitchen the way you want, consult us.

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Kitchen Island with Cabinets and Seating drawn above is a project in a private villa, consisting of kitchen cabinets, an island, and several dining chairs.

Everything is made of plywood as the base material, then with sungkai rustic veneer for the end.

The result is a natural kitchen, with the color of his work being elegant, environmentally friendly, but still luxurious.

People can sit down to eat on the island, where food is prepared… then put various kitchen utensils in their cabinet… all kitchen furniture like this you can make at Bali Best Buy. We have experience in making all wooden furniture, from various materials, which can be adjusted to the budget or look you want. Depending on your purpose, if you want durable and truly unique you can use solid wood, consult what you need. 🙂

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