Kitchen And Island Cabinets

Kitchen and Island Cabinets are an important set of custom Furniture that is in your kitchen, the island is in the middle of the kitchen to put food or ingredients to be cooked. As a stand-alone table in addition to the dining table.

Then the Island cabinet is a cabinet like a kitchen set where all this is made of plywood with gray duco finishing.

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Kitchen and Island Cabinets are like an island, which is in the middle of your kitchen. Is a liaison or additional part other than the kitchen table that serves to put the food to be served, before serving at the dinner table? Kitchen Island can also serve as a dining table at the same time. Equipped with dining chairs, or even a kitchen bar, where people can drink there.

The material is made of plywood with gray duco finishing. The top of the table can use a Solid surface that comes from a resin material similar to Granite, so it looks hard and luxurious like marble, durable, and scratch and heat resistant as well.

You can design your kitchen as luxurious and attractive as possible, with the development of the era and the world of Furniture we can suggest using the best materials with contemporary models that are amazing.

The lower part of the table, White to Gray in color, looked like it was patterned, like the wooden blocks installed one after the other was beautiful. Using laminated rubberwood can also give the same effect because laminated rubberwood uses a finger joint system, which causes the wood texture to look unique and beautiful.

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