Basebed, Headbed And Besides

Base bed, Head bed, and Bedsides are Furniture for bedroom one complete package…because everything needs to be in the bedroom. Made of Solid Wood such as sungkai wood or laminated rubberwood, with a natural finish. This is Project Bali Best Buy at Vinaka Villa-Canggu.

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Base bed, Head bed and Bedsides is Furniture for bedroom one complete package…which is usually installed at once. Frame than the bed, made of wood. Then the headboard, or headboard, is for the head part of the bed or the back of the bed.

And then a small long closet to the left of the bed, which is usually always there to put various items such as clocks, alarms, lights, or anything else you want to keep there.

The floor under the bed, referred to as the base bed is the base of the bed, also made of Solid Wood, laminated rubber wood is one of the woods that can be used and many like it because the texture of the wood is clearly visible. With natural finishing, then all this Furniture will look natural, environmentally friendly and aesthetic.

The head of the bed or headboard, can be not too big, or even meet the back, cover the wall, with materials such as wooden walls, so it looks magnificent and luxurious. All this can be customized to your liking. all of these are Project at Vinaka Villa-Canggu.

They also ordered other custom Furniture, such as chairs and dining tables, cabinets, and many other necessities to fill their villas. In bali Furniture for villas are mostly made of wood and other natural materials. Another commonly used combination is metal/iron.

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