Floating Vanity Cabinet

Floating Vanity Cabinet is a Vanity Cabinet that is not attached to the floor, which is why it is called floating. Made of jati wood in natural finishing is one of our projects at Vinaka Villa Canggu, one of the villas we serve.

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Floating Vanity Cabinet is a cabinet that is between the floors, so there is empty space, not attached to the floor like other cabinets. That’s why it’s called floating. Not that hover. It’s just attached to the wall, not on the floor.

This Floating Vanity Cabinet is a Project at Vinaka Villa-Canggu. There are many villas that have been served by Bali Best Buy where they make various custom Furniture to us. Tailored to the room, the material, and no matter what the result, we will try to do our best to meet it. That’s one of the advantages of Bali Best Buy

Made of teak wood in natural finishing, so it looks aesthetically pleasing, has high art quality, and is classy. Furniture from Wood has advantages over other materials. Because Wood comes from life, and she is long-lasting and natural. So many villas use wood to dress the outside, and the inside. Various purposes can be made with wood, and Bali Best Buy is ready to make it happen.

Accordance with the atmosphere of bali is close to nature, with many beaches, many trees, rice fields, and close to spiritual things. Bali is called the island of God. That’s what makes a variety of typical Balinese Furniture has a beautiful model because it is made with beauty, carving, and a truly unique model. If you go to Bali often, you know what that means. 🙂

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