Dining chairs And tables With Solid Wood

Maybe you wonder, why in bali so many restaurants, cafes, and villas use wooden furniture? it’s not a coincidence, is it? That’s because wooden tables and chairs make the room elegant, warm and natural. Blend with nature in bali. That’s what we trust and live by in making custom Furniture for various businesses in bali and home.

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Even for restaurant like in this photo, we serve them with the custom furniture that they need to serve their client.

We really think about that, how villas, bars, restaurants, hotels, and resorts, make Furniture in us because they want to welcome their guests with hospitality, a warm attitude, and a unique atmosphere. Bali indeed describes the natural atmosphere of nature. No wonder there is so much furniture in Bali made of solid wood.

We have made thousands of projects, with the solid wood base material. Whether sungkai, or teak, or using HPL, or laminated rubberwood, yes, we use all the good and quality, because our clients need it. They need to make their guests satisfied and happy to have eaten or stayed there. That’s why we kept going for 17 years. 🙂

And now, let’s do it for you. 🙂

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