Bar Chair Wood

There are many kinds of models of Bar Chair Wood and we have made a lot. Even some of the stock that is still in our warehouse, can be purchased if you need it immediately.

But most of the bar chair that we make is custom designed as shown in this picture. It looks elegant, as it is, but has artistic value, with a notch in the backrest, and simple finishing, which really brings out the beauty of this bar stool.

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Bar Chair Wood is a high chair for the bar, where people can sit comfortably, while enjoying drinks, food, and music, relax to release the fatigue after a day of work, or just enjoy the island of bali, after a day of vacation. Talking about bali is not separated from the lifestyle, beaches, villas, and bars. Bali is very famous for its Furniture made of wood, with Islamic design, unique, like this bar stool.

Made of solid wood, with a very natural look, it even seems not waxed at all, to give the impression of what it is… the design is also notched like a swan neck, with a prominent fiber color, light color, this chair is very eye-catching.

The appearance of a smooth chair surface, without much polish, can be an option, especially with light colors so that the wood effect is really visible… many also like models like this, and you can choose a simple bright look or even dark brown with a glossy look, or even whitewash that looks old, if combined with paintings or other furniture, then it even looks amazing.

If you like to drink at the bar, then a chair like this will probably attract you to sit for hours accompanied by the sound of music and delicious food. Who knows? 🙂

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