What is Custom Furniture?

There are still many who do not understand how and what is custom furniture? Therefore, here we will briefly describe so that you can understand how the process of custom-made furniture products.

Custom furniture is a process of making furniture, whether it is individually or by the project by adjusting the special design requested. Of course with the accompanying considerations, such as color, material quality, shape or design, size, and materials used.

As an example for consideration, for example, a dining table and chairs, specially made in custom furniture Bali project. So this furniture product must of course be different from similar products sold in furniture stores and are mass products.

It could be said in this case example, that a custom-made dining table set will produce a value that distinguishes it from other products. And usually only custom made to meet customer demand.

what is custom furniture for outdoor

Such as using teak wood with a special quality, shape or design, color brightness, and whether any carvings are requested. Also, the size of the dining table is adjusted to the area of ​​​​the room and the benefits of its use.

A custom furniture product has advantages and values ​​that are far above mass products that you can easily buy at furniture stores that you can find in your city.

In the process of custom furniture products, there are several things that make them unique and have more value than ordinary furniture products.

There are 3 things that distinguish Custom Furniture from other mass products.

1. Design making

custom furniture design

The design in custom-made furniture products certainly has more value than mass products.

Custom furniture is usually made specifically by expert hands who work from the beginning of the process to the end. That’s why the design here is an important factor and the beginning of a process before entering the production stage of the ordered product.

In a custom made furniture process, usually the customer will have an initial concept of the furniture to be ordered. Is it a sketch or do they already have their own design. And then the furniture company will refine the concept or sketch of the image into a complete finished design.

2. Material Usage

material for custom made furniture

what materials are desired by the customer in the furniture. There are many types and varieties of wood, such as teak wood, sungkai wood, plywood, and so on. Of course, not just talk about quality, but also adjust the use of materials to the type of furniture and the design of what will be ordered.

3. The series of work processes in custom furniture

In contrast to mass furniture products, which involve automatic machines with partial human intervention. Which sizes, materials and designs have been made standard from the factory that produces them.

So in custom furniture, it has a longer stage in the process. Because custom furniture is made in more detail at every stage of the process.

Usually in the initial process, the team from the custom furniture company will require data such as the area of the room, the type of wood to be used, complementary materials, the color of the desired furniture, and if possible the company team will help check the balance of the interior elements of the room, also for indoor or outdoor which will later be used in the placement of the furniture.

In the end, if you have understood “What is custom furniture” and the stages of the process that make it have value above ordinary products. And are interested in ordering furniture products according to what you expect, then we are as Bali Furniture company ready to help you make it happen.

In the manufacture of furniture in particular, it cannot be left to just anyone, because it will affect the final result. Our team has experience in custom-made Bali Furniture for more than 17 years.

With special expertise and strict supervision, making the final furniture made in each project always provides value and satisfaction for each of our customers.

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