Wooden TV Cabinet Modern

Modern Wooden TV Cabinet is made of solid wood, namely teak wood, with a finish that shows the texture of teak wood which is very distinctive and beautiful.

It is attached to the wall, with two drawers, and the bottom still has space so that it can be swept. On top of the tv cabinet can be used to put anything. Then the big TV on it does not stick.

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Modern Wooden TV Cabinet is made of very high-quality wood… namely teakwood Wood, the most sought-after type of wood then finishing using natural, glossy, or waxed.

The model is modern, with 2 drawers on the left and right, and floating, not attached to the floor, so there is space at the bottom. The bottom can still be swept.

Look at how Modern Wooden TV Cabinet looks very elegant and beautiful. On top of the tv cabinet can be placed various crafts or handicrafts or displays, statues, anything.

This Tv Cabinet, usually prepared in our workshop, is made first, assembled together, then finished, then delivered to the client, whether villa, house, etc.

A large TV is placed in its upper part, not attached, since both are attached to the wall. So it is not easy to fall and looks neat at all.

So whatever quality custom Furniture you want to make, just consult Bali Best Buy we are happy to make it for you. No matter how big your house is, the project you create we are ready to go directly to the field and our builders can also be mobile anywhere, both in seeing the location, working, installing, and even doing service.

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