Wooden Lounge Chair

Wooden Lounge Chair is one of Best Buy Bali portfolios is a Project at Vinaka Villa-Canggu. Solid Wood with a natural finish. Wood materials used can vary. One of them is teak wood. The legs use black metal or black iron as a good and strong combination.

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Wooden Lounge Chair is a long chair, or low chair, specially made for relaxing. Usually, there are in-star hotels or villas, resorts, and even private homes, near the pool, or put on the front porch of the villa that leads to a beautiful view. Products with this design are also one of the most popular categories of outdoor furniture Bali.

The goal is so that guests or visitors can relax. spoil their day, while accompanied by food, drinks, or cakes with coffee and tea.

They usually relax in the morning, afternoon, or whenever they want, while chatting with family members, or even with couples who are on honeymoon.

Well, can you now see now how romantic, or the benefits of custom Furniture like this Wooden Lounge Chair that is widely used in villas or resorts or anywhere people want to put furniture initiative?

Project at Vinaka Villa-Canggu, we have experience making a lot of custom Furniture for various villas in Bali. Villas in Bali, many use solid wood, then finished with a natural or whitewash to give the effect of” old “or” unique.

The point is you can message us anything made of wood, with a variety of final finishing, and our builders will do their best to send your order. please stop by our office when you are in Bali.

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