Wooden Bed, Bedsides Wardrobe

Wooden Bed, Bedsides Wardrobe uses Solid wood combined with rattan so that the feel of bali, indonesia, is very visible because rattan and wood are widely used for furniture in bali. So this bedroom all uses the model and color of one theme. It looks traditional, eco-friendly, and remains luxurious.

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Wooden Bed, bedsides Wardrobe in the picture above, are all made of the same material, and the design is also the same, so it is very matching.

Made of Solid wood combined with rattan. Then the Black list is duco finishing, so it looks elegant and luxurious. Rattan to decorate, as a combination, to make it look more traditional in accordance with the characteristics of bali is very nuanced in nature and full of art.

Indonesia and bali are very beautiful tropical regions, with beaches indigenous culture the people, the food is varied and is a community that uses a lot of wood, rattan, and bamboo, in their daily lives.

In Balinese houses, Wood is used as firewood, tables, cabinets, and chairs, for generations. The combination with Furniture from Jepara and experienced craftsmen from there, making Bali Best Buy can provide Furniture in accordance with the wishes of our clients whether local or overseas people who are doing business in bali.

We can bridge what they want, a Furniture that is natural and Indonesian culture, then the impression of modern, from paint, finishing, and the model is also fulfilled, so the end result is furniture that smells of Bali or Indonesia and still looks modern and luxurious like outdoor Furniture. 🙂

Let us realize your dream of having the Furniture you want.

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