Wood Locker Cabinets

Wood Locker Cabinet belongs to a hostel in Berawa Beach Canggu Bali. Made of laminate rubber wood with natural finishing so that the natural feel of the island of Bali remains dominant. Most Furniture in Bali, most popular uses wood with natural finishing, so it is environmentally friendly.

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Wood Locker Cabinet is a cabinet to put things, with a key, usually for storage of goods, or in the pool, so that visitors can change clothes, then after completion, they can go back to wearing another shirt.

Gyms also usually have cabinets for lockers. Usually made of aluminum or other materials. But you can also make it from wood like this.

Wood Locker Cabinet is made of laminate rubber wood natural finishing so that the pattern of The seems still visible and the natural effect is also felt. The booked Hostel is one of the hostels near Berawa Beach, Canggu, Bali.

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