Stylish Wooden Stool

This Stool is made from teak wood, with the seat using lum material, or paper material made in such a way, woven in such a way that it is very strong and tight. Completely natural.

Stool like this can be used anywhere and for various purposes.

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Simple and stylish stool that is perfect to complement your space. A great addition to put in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even your terrace. Small but functional and also stylish to decorate your room. Constructed with a wood frame and rope.

Stool or chair, it seems similar, but different. Stool can be without a place to put your hands and without a backrest. The shape can be round or square.

The height can also be the same as the sofa (rather short) because it is to put the legs, or it can be as high as a bar stool.

this stool is made of very high quality teakwood. You can even tell from the texture of this chair.

Finishing can use natural colors, or made polish, wax, or added a darker color. The end result is really classy. The top for the seat is made of lum or paper material that has been made in such a way. So it’s really a modern chair but it looks very environmentally friendly and very strong.

Stool like this can be placed anywhere for various purposes, whether as a dining chair, chair in the office, at home, on the terrace, anywhere, because it is versatile. The absence of handrails and backrest makes this chair not to relax until falling asleep Of course. It was comfortable sitting there for hours.

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