Island Cabinets For Kitchen

Island Cabinets for Kitchen orders from a villa using wood and finishing with a white solid surface, so it looks elegant and luxurious. solid surface is widely used on tabletops because of its appearance which resembles granite or marble, and fine pores, making it easy to clean. Flexible so that it is easily formed on curved surfaces and lighter so that it is easy to move.

Many villas in Bali are clients of Bali Best Buy because it is for the contents of the villa furniture mostly using wood. And because we’ve been 17 years in the field of Bali Furniture that mostly uses wood, then we are often their top choice.

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Island Cabinets for Kitchen in the picture above, made of Plywood with rustic Sungkai veneer and herringbone wood, for details you can consult us, about the material you want to use. We have many material options, depending on the needs.

If you use solid wood, make Furniture will be more sturdy and heavy and can last longer usually. However, many also like to use plywood, which is processed wood, because the Furniture is lighter, and the price is also usually more economical but still the results in appearance are not inferior to using solid wood.

On the countertop made of white solid surface, usually can use shiny white HPL, or it can also be finishing with white duco, the same produce a luxurious and elegant white color.

solid surface is a synthetic material that is often used for tabletops, floors, and even home walls. Only this material is famous for being slippery, so for the floor, it is necessary to be careful because it is slippery.

solid surface is also used to replace marble or granite. Has a luxurious and refined look.

If done by a neat and experienced handyman, then ordinary materials can be made extraordinary and neat. So, just consult your idea to Bali Best Buy:) because so many villas, hotels, and resorts are using our services. 🙂

As a Bali wholesale furniture company, we are always consistent with the quality of the products we produce. With more than 17 years of experience in the furniture production industry, our production team is always ready to serve you with the furniture products you need.

From here you can see some of the projects we have completed for our customers like Wooden cabinet. Everything is done as custom furniture. So you don’t have to hesitate anymore. You can directly contact us via WhatsApp chat below to discuss your furniture needs.


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