Cabinet 4 Doors And 4 Drawers

This time introduces Cabinet 4 Doors and 4 Drawers made of plywood plus triple K teak with natural finishing, so that the fibers of teak veneer are clearly visible with the color and pattern of the wood is very beautiful.

If you travel to Gili Trawangan Lombok, then you will find a three-star hotel, with a variety of furniture made from Bali Best Buy. Yes, we are from Bali with a team, working on the project to Lombok.

The impression is that the cabinet looks elegant and expensive, made of very superior materials. It seems luxurious and remains traditional.

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As told from the title of this article, then this is a Cabinet 4 Doors and 4 Drawers, made of plywood plus teak plywood (teak veneer) then the finishing is natural so it looks like teak wood, with good fiber, and the color is also brownish like teak wood. Smooth and good way.

Cabinet 4 Doors and 4 Drawers This is an order from a three-star hotel in Gili Trawangan Lombok. An island adjacent to the island of Bali. In terms of climate and nature, it is similar to Bali. Many beaches with their tropical climate.

Many hotels and villas there prefer to use wood because Indonesia is one of the largest producers of wood in the world. Moreover, furniture characterized by Bali or Indonesia is very liked by travelers from various countries.

So, whether you have a business in Lombok or Bali, make sure to order your Furniture at Bali Best Buy 🙂

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