are bunk beds safe for 5 year olds

Are Bunk Beds Safe For 5 Years old?

There are many questions about “Are bunk beds safe for 5 year olds?” Well of course we have to understand first what and how bunk beds are.

Bunk beds are indeed much in demand by those who have a bedroom with a limited area, but want to use 2 separate beds.

So they use bunk bed for kids. In general, this bunk bed is a type of bed using 2-bed frames arranged. With the intention of course to save space. Usually, the use of this bunk bed is on ships, in the military, in dormitories, and also for children’s bedrooms.

Many parents buy bunk beds for their children actually to save space. And children, of course, prefer to sleep on the top rather than on the bottom. But as parents, of course, you have to think about the risk of accidents for children who sleep at the top. Especially if their age can be said to be too small.

With the emergence of some information about accidents that might occur due to the use of bunk beds, especially at the top. Makes parents have to think twice about using this bunk bed for their children.

A study from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Center for Injury Research and Policy has issued its recommendations against the use of bunk beds and cases of accidents that occur. So concluded that the use of bunk beds is not recommended for children under 6 years.

Besides also asking parents to prohibit their children from playing on the top of the bunk bed. Because the children’s habit is to like and enjoy playing in the upper bunk bed. Even they are fun to jump up and down at the top of this. Of course, this will create its own danger.

Because we do not know the quality of the bunk bed using what material and whether the base of the mattress is in accordance with safety standards to support the body.

Apart from the availability of fences from bunk beds, which are relatively low, they are very vulnerable.
So back to answering the question are bunk beds safe for 5 year olds? And the answer is NO at all.

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