Console Cabinet With Mirror

Console Cabinet with Mirror to put various valuables, antique, handicraft, sculpture, or any extension on the console. Equipped with drawers to store your valuables.

With round mirror on it, add to the exotic of this Furniture. The combination of black metal and teak wood material, shows the quality of this Bali Furniture.

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Console cabinet with mirrorAn ideal storage solution for your place, to keep your stuff safe and organized. It is a crystal clear mirror that gives you a crystal clear view of your room. A touch of the wood element makes it aesthetic and elegant and uplifts the mood. Console Cabinet with Mirror is made of teak wood, with high quality, is the most sought-after Wood, because it has the strength to last, and wood Furniture is imaged a high class.

With a combination of black metal, Duco paint for finishing is a very harmonious blend of wooden Furniture with black metal.

The Round mirror looks very beautiful, as a complement to this console table. Is a set, which gives a different feel to this room. With the same wood material, the console and the mirror look harmonious.

Often you can find Furniture like this, in a corner of a Villa, hotel, or other quality places. Because we have very often made various custom Furniture projects for villas in Bali.

Console Cabinet with mirror for the Living Room or Dining Room

Console cabinet with mirrorYou can use the console cabinet in the room according to your needs. One of them is in the living room, you can place a console cabinet table as a TV stand.

Or you can also use this console cabinet with mirror in the family room. Just put a flower vase on it as a means of beautifying your room. The mirror function above the existing console table will give a classic impression even in the family room or living room.

There are many models on the console cabinet, you can use a custom design according to your needs.

For all of this, you can ask our team how to make custom made furniture for a quality console cabinet.

When people see custom Furniture like this, they feel one thing that is antique, traditional, natural and invites admiration for the power of high-quality art. That’s how I feel. So if you want to make Furniture like that, then Bali Best Buy can help you.

Console Furniture Design Ideas

Console cabinet with mirror design ideasThere are many good designs for making a console cabinet. You can find concept ideas like on Pinterest and other online media.
Or you can just contact us, the Bali best Buy team will be happy to serve you for the concept ideas you need.


Console cabinet with mirror or console table can be placed in a narrow room or to fill a small part of the room so that it can be used to place this console-shaped table. Meanwhile, a mirror is placed above it to beautify the decorations and accessories.

You can take advantage of the use of a console table or cabinet with drawers and everything is adapted to its use.

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